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Dishy Italians on the Tour de France

My wife and I were sitting in front of the telly a few days ago, watching the day’s Tour de France highlights; fairly intently in my case, but with half an eye on the telly in my wife’s case while also writing up some party invitations. She asks, “How do you spell Nibali?”. I spell

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Continental comestible confusion

When you’re offered a “continental breakfast”, what do you think of? One online definition gives “a hotel breakfast that may include sliced bread with butter/jam/honey, cheese, meat, croissants, pastries, rolls, fruit juice and various hot beverages.” From personal experience, I’d say you’d be lucky to get as much as that – a cynic on a

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Machine translation that doesn’t suck

What could the translation software of the future look like? I’ve just read a fascinating article by Jost Zetzsche – who, if you haven’t heard of him, is a working translator who also writes and blogs in guru-like fashion about linguistic issues. I’d usually give you a link to the article itself, but as it’s

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