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RLI partners with Edufax to launch innovative full-service offering

Nov 03 in News

RLI partners with Edufax to launch innovative full-service offering

Supporting assignees and their families with corporate relocation  

Corporate relocations – a sign of international growth and success, and a cause of celebration for organisations and assignees alike. 


For the assignee and their family, relocation comes with many benefits; from better financial security to experiencing new and exciting locations, cultures, and foods. 


However, without a strategic, well-thought-out support plan in place, corporate relocations can sometimes become very costly failures – with multiple studies, including from The Forum for Expatriate Management, citing the cost of unsuccessful relocations to range between $65,000 to a million USD. 


But, of course, poor planning can also lead to long-lasting negative impacts on productivity, and employee health and well-being. 

 So, what are the fundamental reasons international relocations fail? 

According to the Relocating Partner Survey 2018 , the top reasons for international relocation failure are: 

  • Unhappy partners 
  • A lack of job satisfaction 
  • Employee performance 
  • Difficulties with assignees’ children 


To help mitigate failure, it is important to consider the assignee’s partner and children in any relocation support plan, ensuring their relocation is the exciting time it should be. 


The benefits of reducing corporate relocation failure include avoiding costly reparations, enhanced international communication and trade, as well as happy assignees and families 

What are the solutions?  

At RLI and Edufax, we believe there needs to be a holistic, streamlined support plan with a reduced number of agencies involved; and, if there are any potential risks of relocation failure, they need to be identified as early in the process as possible. 


A supported family, happy in their new environment greatly reduces the risk of assignment failure. 


 An innovative full-service offering 

Founded in 1989 and 1992 respectively, RLI and Edufax are industry-leading brands with outstanding reputations for delivering business-boosting results through educational relocation guidance, language courses, cross-cultural training, and learning solutions.  


This well-established partnership provides support to children that need pre-departure language training and mother-tongue maintenance whilst abroad. 


The combination of RLI and Edufax augments our language offering and educational relocation services, reducing the number of agencies an assignee must deal with. 


Now, we are developing our partnership further  

RLI and Edufax have established a full-service offering, expanding our partnership to provide a supportive, streamlined process. This innovative offering will contribute towards several relocation and pre-departure needs, reducing lengthy processes and the number of agencies involved.  


Essentially, educational relocation solutions will all be in one place.  


We both see this as an effective way to avoid relocation failure – benefiting partners who experience isolation or exclusion in their new country causing difficulties with settling, leading to the possible failure of placements.  


With our new offering, we aim to reduce the barriers to people going on assignments to other countries and provide a total package solution to all our clients. 


Contact us to find out more, or view our slide deck below: 

RLI and Edufax - supporting assignees and their families with corporate relocation


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