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How professional language training can level-up your career.

Oct 05 in Language, Training

Upskilling through learning a new language may not seem like an easy task; however, with the right approach and corporate language training, undertaking this challenge can be extremely rewarding and advantageous.

In this blog post, we will explain how corporate language training can level up your professional career:

The demand for bilingual professionals has increased in the UK

According to the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence, over 1.3 million overseas workers have left the UK in the past year, with over 700,000 leaving London alone.

Partly due to this unprecedented exodus of migrant workers, the demand for bilingual professionals in the UK has soared.

Whilst business leaders are facing the new challenges presented, this sudden demand is a perfect opportunity for multilinguists and bilinguals to fill the skills gap that is currently present.

Better career opportunities

Upskilling and learning a new language can increase professional career prospects and support career developments.  From moving up the ladder to taking up a position abroad; bilingualism opens the door to numerous.  In fact, many would argue that in today’s professional sphere, being bilingual has almost become essential.

A significant number of global employers have support programmes in place to complement corporate language training. These packages aid professionals and their families who are willing to relocate.

Boost creativity & self-confidence

Extensive research has shown that learning a new language greatly improves cognitive ability. From thinking outside the box, to logically solving problems, the skills gained from a language course carry forward into everyday professional life. Not just for those who are relocating but for workers who are growing their language skills without a move.

Not only that, but self-confidence increases when one masters a new skill. Not only will you feel confident, but you will also increase your contribution to your workplace.

Improved income

Of course, this concept is up for debate.

But, depending on the demand for certain languages, learning another language can translate into an earnings boost for professionals.

Further benefits

There are several other benefits of learning a new language that extend outside of professional life, including:

Meeting new people

If learning in a group setting, say a room full of like-minded individuals, language courses are an effective way to meet new people and expand your own network.


Learning a new language opens the door to experience travel in a different light.

When visiting a country, with your new language skills, you may find yourself communicating with locals or even encountering new cultures through an enlightened lens.

Improving one’s native tongue

When learning a new language, bilinguals become extra-aware of the inner workings and intricacies of language in general, which in turn, aids them in improving their own native tongue.

In a professional setting, this leads to better communication and improved problem-solving.


Here at RLI, we specialise in corporate language courses for professionals.

Contact us to find out more about how language training can level-up your professional career.


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