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Supporting staff relocation with professional language training

Sep 24 in Relocation, Training

Staff relocation is an invigorating and productive process, and professional language training can be pivotal in supporting relocation.

Staff relocation is an exciting time for both employers and employees alike. Relocation often marks an important stage of international growth, and for the employee, this occasion is an opportunity to develop their career.

However, it is important to note that many professionals may find it hard to adapt to life in a new overseas environment, if not fully supported – which is completely understandable.

From different foods and cultures to hearing completely new languages and accents; there are many factors that contribute to the difficulties some professionals may face.

Organisations and their HR teams must have a support strategy in place, to help professionals in their relocation journey. Why? Because staff relocation, and international enterprise in general, flourishes when employees are supported.

Fundamentally, an integral part of any relocation support strategy needs to be corporate language training.

Who benefits from corporate language training for relocation?

The Organisation – Across the organisation, from management to the HR team, relocating employees can induce a mixture of emotions. On one hand, there is a sense of excitement, but on the other, there is the challenge of budgeting and ensuring staff are fully supported.

Corporate language training for relocation contributes to an organisation’s relocation strategy and helps employees settle into their new country.

Additionally, professional language training can also save costs in the long run, as relocation issues caused by language barriers can be overcome with the right support.

The Employees – Of course, the employees themselves will benefit greatly from completing professional language courses for relocation.

Benefits include:

The Employees’ Family – In this scenario, the professional’s family cannot be forgotten. Both partners and children may experience challenges when moving overseas, so they also need to be supported by the organisation.

Language training can certainly be adapted to aid employees’ families in improving their linguistic skills and boosting their confidence too.

For partners, this may involve improving language skills in terms of everyday tasks, and for children, language training can support them in both learning a new language and retaining their native mother tongue.

Need to support staff with relocation to another country?

Here at RLI, we’ve got the skill to support you. Our experienced language trainers are friendly and able to fit their lesson around an organisation’s busy schedule.

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