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Why Brexit takes the biscuit

I sit here with my cup of tea and chocolate wafer snack, pondering the fact that in less than two months’ time, Britons are off to the polls to make a big decision regarding our future in (or out of) the European Union, and yet no-one seems to be asking what is surely the biggest

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The borders debate, without the boredom

What would a debate about immigration and borders sound like if you were able to bar all politicians and Daily Mail journalists from participating? Well, maybe in a perfect world it would run along the lines of today’s inaugural episode of The Global Philosopher, BBC Radio 4’s fascinating new panel-based discussion show with a twist.

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Crash blossom: police shoot man with knife

I spotted the following link, and its related headline, recently on the Grauniad’s website… and for once, it wasn’t the spelling that made me laugh. Prompting the obvious question… how exactly do you shoot someone with a knife? As a headline, it’s right up there with “Passengers hit by cancelled trains”, “Post Office supervisor charged

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