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Mother Tongue Language Maintenance for Children

We know that when it comes to employee relocation, family happiness matters most. That’s why we’ve launched mother tongue language maintenance for their children.

Family ties and issues are the top reason for relocation refusal.

It’s common for relocating employees and their families to prioritise learning their destination language. This can mean that the mother tongue language stops being used around the home, making employees worried that their children could struggle when returned to their native education.

To help employees to say yes to relocating, look into our industry leading mother tongue language maintenance courses for children. Short term (2-3 years) assignees are particularly interested in this service. Many of them expect that their children’s education will automatically be included as they now are in 65% of companies.


a group of children learning in a classroom. Providing teaching for mother tongue language maintenance is a great way to incentivise your employees to accept employee relocation

Give Your Employees Peace of Mind

Let your employees say yes to relocation with our mother tongue language maintenance service, offered for 4-17 year olds across many countries worldwide.

Our friendly and experienced teachers help children retain and build upon knowledge of their mother tongue language, getting them ready for when they return to their home country. Our mother tongue language maintenance service teaches them the same syllabus they would have had in their original country – allowing them to seamlessly transition back into their native education.


Why take an RLI course?

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What are the Benefits of Mother Tongue Language Maintenance?


Taking a mother tongue language learning course allows children to integrate smoothly into the classroom back home after they return. Children will benefit from learning from the exact same syllabus as at home – meaning they’ll be completely prepared for their native country’s schooling and examinations.


Knowledge of mother tongue language is so important to a child’s self-esteem, emotional development and mental health that it is actually one of the UNESCO rights of a child. Mother tongue language maintenance will help children’s sense of identity as they navigate their new country – giving them the confidence to make new friendships and concentrate on their favourite subjects in school.

Academic Success

Studies have shown that children need to be proficient in their home language to achieve academic success in both their new and home languages. Mother tongue language maintenance allows them to reap the rewards of a multilingual lifestyle without any confusion.

Multilingualism, Simplified.

There are many benefits to growing up bi- or multilingual – such as advantages in creative thinking, organisation and communication skills.

RLI’s mother tongue language learning courses offer a structured and simplified way to maintain the child’s native spoken language.

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Adrian did a fantastic job despite the short time period I had. As I was located in Miami, we used Skype to manage lessons. I not only learnt a great deal but I enjoyed the lessons too. I have no hesitation in recommending Robertson.

Alasdair Davis (Head of Business Development, XL Catlin)