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Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training gives you the knowledge, skills and awareness to work effectively across cultures.

Are you regularly travelling abroad for business or relocating employees overseas? Do you work as part of an international team?

Research shows that a lack of understanding when it comes to business etiquette impacts a company’s reputation, with 62% of business travellers confirming that etiquette errors affect a company’s bottom line. Half of business travellers (49%) are worried that they will unknowingly offend a client or business associate.

cross-cultural training: 62% of business travellers say etiquette errors affect the bottom line

Avoid Cultural Errors with Cross-Cultural Training

Cultural awareness training helps you avoid costly cultural mistakes and increases the effectiveness of intercultural communication.

Our cultural training solutions for employees include cultural competency training, cultural shock training, intercultural communication training and social etiquette training to help you build strong global working relationships.

Increase the Success of International Assignments

Research shows that 20 to 50% of workers posted overseas return early, at a cost of £250,000 each to their employers.

Cross-cultural training helps employees and their families overcome culture shocks and adjust to their new country of residence, thereby reducing the risk of a failed assignment.

These are some of the programmes we can offer:

Assignee support
We can take the assignee through any issues they will face in their new working environment. Our training will increase their confidence in meeting clients, dealing with suppliers, and day-to-day work experiences of motivating, leading and playing a part in a new work team.
Spouse support
The spouse can often be neglected in a relocation: they have the children to look after, the house to run, with the loss of their existing network of friends and family.  By explaining customs, habits and expectations in the new country of residence, we can help them to reach out, to forge new relationships, and also to handle service providers, deal with schools, doctors and generally make life as easy and enjoyable as possible!
Support for children
This can range from academic support in their new school, to joining sports clubs, forming new friendships and making the most of their new environment.
Repatriation support
Life changes when assignees return home: repatriation support can help you anticipate, understand and adapt to the changes in your life when you return from your relocation, helping you re-integrate back into your new situation.

Why Choose Our Cross-Cultural Courses?

We have developed a global network of native-speaking trainers who are all fully qualified and will make your cultural awareness training relevant, effective, quick and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Bespoke: Our training packages are tailored to your needs and requirements. To find out more about our course options click here.

Experience: We have been providing high-quality corporate training solutions since 1989

Quality: We are certified to ISO 9001, and deliver outstanding customer service

Flexibility: We offer our training courses globally and are flexible with dates, times and venues


corporate relocation: graphic saying over 28 years experience

For a free discussion of your cultural awareness training requirements please contact us on +44 (0)118 934 6000 or fill in our contact form.




Anna did a really good job. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an interpreter in any demanding situation. And as always, she was very well briefed by you and was able to hit the ground running and know what was expected of her.

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