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Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training gives you the knowledge, skills and awareness you need to work effectively across cultures.

Research shows that a lack of understanding when it comes to business etiquette can impact reputation, with 62% of business travellers confirming that etiquette errors have affected their business’ bottom line, with just under half (49%) of them worried about having unknowingly offended a client or business associate.

Once made, cultural mistakes can cost companies dearly. Research shows that 20-50% of workers posted overseas return early, at a cost of £250,000 each to their employers. That’s why, to improve inter-cultural communication wherever you do business, we offer cross-cultural training.

Our friendly and experienced trainers help relocating professionals and their loved ones to feel at home in a new country, reducing the risk of failed relocation.

Why take an RLI cross-cultural course?

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Flexible lessons to fit around your busy schedule Cross-Cultural Training Picture: Image of a tick
Selected packages include access to our digital training portal, RLI365, which allows trainees to master a language from anywhere in the world
30 years’ industry experience



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Who benefits from our cross-cultural training?


We take relocating employees through many of the issues they will face in their new working environment. Our training provides them with the boost of confidence they need to meet clients, deal with suppliers and collaborate with colleagues, as the fresh face of a team.


Through explaining the customs, habits and expectations of their new home, we help relocating spouses to reach out and forge new relationships within their adopted community. The act of dealing with doctors, schoolteachers and shopkeepers will lose its fear factor, and, and life, as result, will be made easier with the help of our experts.


Whether it be through the provision of academic support for inside the classroom, or helping them to form new friendships outside of school, our cross-cultural experts will make the relocation process much easier and less traumatic for the children involved.


When professionals relocate to another country, they often return and realise that the home which they had once left behind no longer exists and has changed over time. Our repatriation support helps professionals to anticipate, understand and adapt to any changes to life back at home.

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