Founded in 1989, RLI Ltd. provides language training and cross-cultural training services to businesses and organisations in the UK and worldwide.


Our core services at a glance

Language Training

We offer our award-winning English and foreign language courses anywhere in the UK and worldwide. Customised courses focused on individual needs, which can be accelerated by our cutting-edge, digital RLI385 portal, delivering concrete results.

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Cross-Cultural Training can help relocating assignees to avoid the cultural pitfalls which can cost both them and their employers thousands. Develop confidence and fluency with the help of friendly, dynamic and experienced trainers.

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Summer Schools

Our Summer School programme is focused on delivering language training that equips students for higher education. As well as being able to walk them through the complex world of English grammar and punctuation, we can also plan trips and events for our pupils.

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Additional Services

With the help of our sister companies, we provide a range of additional language services to our clients. Their team of experienced linguists localise, translate and interpret to industry-leading and award-winning standards.

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Learn a language from anywhere in the world

Use our online learning platform, RLI365, to...

  • Book your lessons quickly and easily through an online calendar
  • Map your language-learning journey with progress charts
  • Access digital learning materials specific to your industry
  • Access cutting-edge scientific applications
  • Submit feedback to improve your online learning experience




You have always been tremendously customer focused, listening to our needs and matching them greatly with the right teachers.

Chano Fernandez (Workday Co-President)




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