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Setting Up A Business

Looking to start a business in the UK?

Establishing an enterprise is an exciting time, especially when it earns enough to pay VAT or hire new staff.

However, from setting up UK tax to registering as a limited company, there are certain elements that may seem overwhelming at first.

That’s where we come in.

Here at RLI, we can assist your business with professional guidance. Our knowledgeable consultants can support you through each step and give you the training you need to begin your journey to success. Drive business with professional support and training. 

For a free discussion of your requirements please fill in our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 118 934 6000.

Our Business Support Covers: 

  • Setting up VAT: What is the threshold, and how do I set up VAT for my business
  • Registering as a Sole Trader:  Where and how do I start?
  • Business planning: How do I write a business plan, and what do I need to do to begin my journey?
  • Registering as a Limited Company: When do I need to register, and why? 
  • Securing Funding: From loans to investments, how do I fund my enterprise? 
  • One-to-One Consultancy: What are the fundamentals of setting up a business? 
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Start Your Business Journey 




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