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Move your people, remove the risk

Relocating team members can be an extremely daunting time for the individual and their family. RLI can assist in this process by enabling them to communicate confidently in the new country. Language training for relocation would help make the process much smoother and easier for the employee and their family. Offering language learning for relocation

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Post-edited machine translation

When purchasing translation services, as with all services, it is impossible to avoid the “iron triangle” of price, time and quality: lower price means lower quality, shorter delivery time means higher price, etc. However, in recent years in the translation industry, technology is coming to the rescue. Translation software is improving to the extent that

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Baffled? We’ve got your number (plate)

If you live in the UK, you’ll be well aware that it’s one of a number of countries in the world where you can opt to buy a personalised vehicle registration (or ‘vanity’) plate. I’m writing this post because I spotted the above example on the M4 motorway earlier this week. Which prompts the question…

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The link between bacon and fonts

What two things save the multilingual programmer’s life? The first is obvious – bacon, of course. Computer geeks have an almost mystical reverence for the stuff. Most of the code you run when you turn on your computer every day was at some point fuelled by bacon during, or just after, an epic late-nighter. In

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