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Robertson Languages Attend Surrey University Careers Fair

May 11 in News

On Wednesday 2nd of May, Robertson Languages International attended the Surrey University Translation and Interpreting Careers Fair. Robertson was invited to speak at the event to inform students about career opportunities in the translation industry.

The Translation and Interpreting Careers Fair aims to make career prospects more inviting for language students. University lecturers and colleagues from local translation agencies met up to show students what it is like to work in the language industry.

Our Head of Operations, Chloe Driscoll (right in the picture), gave a presentation to students about opportunities in the language industry and the internship scheme Robertson Languages offers. Ms. Driscoll explained how an internship can benefit students and what Robertson looks for in potential candidates.

Learn the tricks of the trade

We would have loved to speak with each single student and answer as many questions as possible, but time always flies when you enjoy! That’s why we have summarised our key points about our internship program for those we couldn’t chat with during the Careers Fair and any other students in the Twyford area who are interested in gaining an all-round experience of working in a translation agency.

Lucia and Chloe sitting at the desk at Surrey University Career Fair
  • We are offering 1-3 months internships in translation, language training, vendor management and marketing. Our internships are unpaid, but you will gain lots of practical skills and the opportunity of networking.


  • You will be able to work with our CAT tools and be a member in our project management team. This means you will play an active role in our project workflows, preparing files, finding providers, QAing and much more.


  • Our experienced Project Managers will be happy to answer your questions and show you the tricks of the trade!


Impressed by the motivation and confidence

We at Robertson Languages are delighted to take part in events that help to increase the job prospects for language students based in our area. Our Office Manager Lucia Tarantola (left in the picture) commented about the event, saying:

“This was my first career fair as representative of RLI and Surrey University was the best place to start, because my translation career began exactly there – in fact over 10 years ago I was also a Translation Master student at Surrey! I was extremely impressed by the motivation, confidence and energy showcased by all students who presented during the fair. I hope we have helped them to better understand the many career opportunities available to them and to identify the areas they would like to further explore. I believe our internships are a great opportunity to learn the practical skills required in a translation agency and to experience the fast pace this industry is moving at. I cannot wait to welcome our next interns to our office!”

A big thank you from the Robertson Languages team to Surrey University for having us!

Interested in applying for an internship at Robertson Languages International?

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