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RLI celebrates 30th birthday dancing to salsa beats in the sunshine

May 24 in General

On Saturday, May 11, the RLI team celebrated the business’ thirtieth birthday.

The celebration itself took place in Burattas, a quaint country pub situated only ten minutes away from our Twyford offices – where the RLI story started back in 1989.

After a string of fun activities, the team sat down to an afternoon of food, drink and fine conversation in the Berkshire sunshine. And with the salsa rhythms of Los Domingos as our soundtrack, everyone danced, laughed and celebrated in way befitting such a landmark occasion.

“What an eighteen months it’s been. Since becoming part of the Wolfestone Group, RLI has gone on to achieve tremendous things,” said RLI CEO, Anna Bastek.

“Connected by our love of languages and our desire to deliver science-based language training for our clients, we’ve grown the business in an exciting way. This year we’ve taken the RLI learning experience online, making it easier for our clients to learn from anywhere in the world.

“What we’re doing here is helping individuals and businesses to play their part on the international stage. With such a friendly and talented team of individuals at the wheel, I know we’ll carry on providing our clients with a service which we can be proud of.”


To another 30 years of success for RLI

The Mayor of Wokingham Borough, Cllr John Kaiser, who was also in attendance, said: “People don’t realise it, but language is such an important part of our lives.

“Being multilingual in this world of globalisation presents greater opportunities in the workplace. Not only does it develop personal relationships, but it also allows people to play a much bigger role in global markets, which are inhabited by many companies which operate across many borders – much like your company does today.”

“Language allows for a better understanding of people’s problems and of the advantages presented by the global markets. You’ve been helping companies in this field for over 30 years. You’re delivering a vision, which in your own unique way supports your many customers.

“I wish you the greatest success for the next 30 years and beyond.”




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