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RLI Supports Relocating Families with Mother Tongue Language Maintenance

Dec 02 in Mother Tongue Language Maintenance, Press Release

Earlier this month, RLI launched their mother tongue language maintenance service, for children aged 4-17 across many countries worldwide. The announcement followed extensive research into how employee relocation can be made easier for employees and their families.

Alex Parr, MD of RLI commented: “Mother tongue language maintenance allows employees’ children to maintain their mother tongue language at the same time as learning their destination language. This means that the children will be fully prepared for their native examinations when they return to their home country.”

“The service will grant parents peace of mind for their children, which is an essential requirement to accept employee relocation.”

two children are helping each other learn from a textbook. Textbooks are part of the method of mother tongue language maintenance.

While this service is of primary benefit to employees and their children, there are also smart business reasons to invest in a service like mother tongue language maintenance. Research suggests that the average cost of a failed relocation can come up to a staggering total of $400,000 for their employer. Mother tongue language services offer a chance to give employees peace of mind and a measurable mother tongue education that will allow them to settle into their destination country guilt free.

RLI’s general manager Nigel Steele had this to say about the service launch: ‘‘In our experience of working with HR managers, they know their responsibility to their employees’ children in the relocation process but are often confused about what services to provide for the best outcomes.’’

RLI offers its courses in the most common 42 languages of the world and are designed around the child’s native schooling curriculum, helping them return to school with greater knowledge and confidence. Courses can be taught face to face or online via Skype following the course books provided.

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