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RLI in Football Transfer Forum triumph

May 01 in General

With a smile on his face and a host of new contacts in his phone book, RLI Business Development Manager, Nigel Steele, is back from one of the most prestigious footballing events in the UK, the Football Transfer Forum.

The forum, which took place on Thursday 25 of April in Manchester, was attended by some of the biggest clubs, agents and businesses in football. Premier League teams such as Cardiff City, Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wonders and Liverpool were present, as were others from other leagues, domestic and international.

During the one-day event, representatives of a variety of sectors discussed the latest developments in the industry and what their business brought to their sporting clients.

Sufficed to say that Nigel, a die-hard West Ham supporter, was delighted to be in among the action.

Photo of Premier League players kicking a ball at the Football Transfer Forum

Triumphant at the Football Transfer Forum

“The whole thing was fantastic from start to finish,” he said, “and, to be honest, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the next Football Transfer Forum.

“To see so many people expressing an interesting in who we are and what we do was great.”

The last two decades has seen football grow into a truly global enterprise. As a result, the ability to communicate and do business anywhere in the world, is now more valuable than ever.

We’ve been providing industry-leading language training services to professional people since 1989, and Alex Michelle-Parr, RLI’s Managing Director, expressed great excitement at the growing interest in our services.

“The Football Transfer Forum was an absolute triumph for us,” she explained. “We came away from the Etihad having made a great impression on some of the wealthiest and most prestigious clubs around.

“If Manchester was anything to go by, our language training services certainly have what it takes to really take off in the world of football. And, with our team’s dedication and talent, I’m sure they will.”



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