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RLI launches new innovative digital learning platform RLI365

Jun 26 in Press Release, RLI365

On 1 July, RLI launched their new digital learning platform, RLI365, which provides a bespoke digital learning experience based on the latest cognitive science and makes language learning more fun, cost-effective and faster. It also marks the company’s next step in becoming a centre of excellence for language learning.  

Anna Bastek, CEO of RLI and passionate language learner, commented: “I’m very excited about the launch of the portal RLI365 as it will revolutionise the language learning industry. Having learnt three foreign languages myself I wanted to make sure our clients can learn languages in a more effective and fun way. I have discovered that lot of the passive learning methods such as listening to interesting content is lot more effective in reaching fluency than studying grammar books. We have studied the science of language learning and integrated it all in the RLI365 platform. Our clients can now immerse themselves in the language and the content they like.” 

On top of bespoke facetoface or online lessons, RLI clients can also access spaced repetition technology which allows them to memorise new vocabulary faster. They can access thousands of interesting videos, articles, podcasts, books and interviews in order to mix language learning with a topic of their interest or the accent or dialect of their choice.  

They can even import their own content and turn it into a lesson. Voice recognition technology will score the pronunciation skills, while unlimited grammar lessons and tests are also available. Students now have access to progress charts, forums, feedback, reminders and the latest world news feeds. All this makes learning a language a lot more exciting and enables students to find their favourite learning method.  

The portal also integrates online scheduling software. Students can book, cancel or reschedule their lessons through the phone app. They see the teacher availability instantly. All their course materials are in one place and they can communicate with the teacher through the app. This all keeps the admin time to a minimum. 

“The portal was designed for busy professionals who haven’t got a lot of spare time in the day to practise their language skills so they need results quickly. A lot of our clients relocate for a job to a foreign country and they don’t have time to study grammar or have facetoface lessons. Now they have a choice of various methods,” says RLI Managing Director Alex Michelle-Parr. 

A picture of someone using RLI365

RLI365: a new, smart and scientific way to learn a new language

The platform allows trainees to access cutting-edge applications through mobile, desktop or tablet from anywhere in the world.” 

Encompassing various methods, topics, accents and dialects RLI365 will not only prepare our trainees to use their new-found language skills in the real world, but it will also guarantee quicker learning results through constant exposure to the language. The learners can benefit from training materials specific to their industries. They can now learn to speak like a native and understand colloquialisms.  

On mobile devices, the app’s user-friendly functionality keeps busy trainees engaged while on the move, whether they’re waiting for the start of a meeting, commuting through London on the tube or queuing in a supermarket.  

Ms Parr also said: “This is a game-changer for the company and our clients. As well as allowing trainees to reach new linguistic heights, the latest methodologies which lie at the heart of this portal and everything we’re doing are helping to drive the business forward and differentiate us in the market.”

Want to know more about our new fantastic language training platform? For more information, simply fill in our contact form or give us a quick call today on +44 (0)118 934 6000.  




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