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FAQs for RLI365

Forever brimming with brilliant and pertinent questions, new clients love to ask us for more information about us and our services – especially when it comes to our brand new digital learning platform, RLI365.

What is RLI365? 

Our language learning platform, RLI365, was designed to provide a bespoke digital learning experience for all our trainees. It can be accessed through mobile, desktop or tablet anywhere in the world and allows the trainee to fully immerse themselves in a new language.

It combines an online calendar (which trainees and trainers can use to book lessons easily) with progress tracking, scientific apps, a digital library of learning materials and a feedback function, all in one portal.

What is the advantage of using the portal for trainees?

  • Track your progress easily, with everything in one place
  • Access state-of-the-art apps to help you learn more in less time
  • Monitor when lessons are taking place easily and reschedule if need be
  • Use industry-specific learning materials to help with more technical language

Advantages for trainers 

  • Track when lessons are being held and block out times when you’re busy
  • Access feedback from trainees on how the lessons are going
  • Monitor the progress of trainees, and help them to learn faster with extra resources
  • Use ‘White Sheet’ notes to help trainees practise between lessons

How will I get access to the portal?  


Once your booking form has been returned and a trainer has been assigned to you, you will be set up with the appropriate rights for the service you have chosen. An email will then be sent to you with login details by the training administrator, along with a useful user guide.


Trainer access is provided once the contract for the course is returned to RLI. The training administrator will then email you the logins along with a user guide for the portal.

Will the RLI365 portal work on a range of devices and browsers? 

Yes! You will be able to access RLI365 on mobile, desktop or tablet. The best browsers to access RLI365 are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and MS web browsers. But remember, the app may be slower on account of it being accessed through a less up-to-date iteration of the browser.

What do I do if I forget my password? 

Click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen to send a reset email. A pop-up confirmation will appear to confirm the email has been sent.

Can I take electronic payments through the RLI365 portal?  

Even though the portal is used for pretty much everything, payments are not made or arranged through the portal. For information relating to invoices please contact

Is the RLI365 portal secure?  

Yes, absolutely. The connection is secured by SSL certificates in the same way as any payment websites are secured.

What types of files can I exchange through RLI365? 

None! All files such as qualifications, CPD records can be uploaded to the XTRF portal. Login details will be provided once you have been confirmed as an RLI trainer.

How do I access my account information?  

Your account information (name, surname, email, password, course details, course progress, lessons details, etc) can be accessed once you log in.

Do I need a password? 

Once your account is created, RLI365 will send an automatic welcome email which will contain a temporary password. Of course, you will have the opportunity to change the password after you’ve logged in.

What do I need to do to receive my payment? 

For the time being, trainers will need to send Kate an email containing an invoice for the lessons they have taught. Kate will then check the invoice against a report from the portal to confirm how many lessons took place and whether the invoice is correct. The trainer needs to send their invoice by the fifth working day of the month, following the month when the lessons took place. For example, for July lessons we should receive their invoice no later than 7 August.

When and how will I be paid? 

Trainers will usually be paid via bank transfer, although PayPal may be an option if a bank transfer is not possible. Payment will be made on the twenty-fifth of each month, following the month when the lessons took place. When payment is due for lessons in July, for example, the invoice will be paid on 25 August.

International payments will be made via our international payment provider Cambridge FX.  These will also be paid on 25 August. Please ensure the correct details are noted on your invoice.  Also, please note charges can be incurred by your bank or intermediary on acceptance of international payment(s). This is beyond our control.

How do I identify who needs an attendance confirmation?  

The portal will provide confirmation of attendance. Once the trainer and trainee confirm the lesson has taken place, it will be marked as completed on the portal.

Do I have to notify RLI through the portal when a learner’s circumstances change after their original application?  

That holy depends on what the circumstances are. If it’s a case of changing the time at which a lesson takes place, for example, this could be dealt with through the online calendar. But if we’re dealing with a change of lesson duration, then trainers would need to notify RLI to see if this can be accommodated.

Is there a limit to the length of a suspension/break in studies that a learner can have?  

It’s important the trainees complete the course in the desired timescales. If you feel your trainee is falling behind this requirement, you should contact the teaching co-ordinator, who will also be monitoring this from our end. It is the teaching coordinator’s responsibility to make sure the course is completed on schedule and they will contact the trainee to suggest a possible way forward.




You have always been tremendously customer focused, listening to our needs and matching them greatly with the right teachers. You have been a good observer as well and when I was just about to drop German because of my busy schedule, you found a new teacher who could provide a different method, encouragement and keep me going.

Chano Fernandez (Co-President , Workday)