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Cultural Development Training for Teachers

In 2019, Ofsted unveiled a new ‘Education Inspection Framework’ which emphasised the importance of cultural development.

To be precise, the framework guidelines state that Ofsted inspectors make judgements on the quality of education by evaluating the extent to which schools construct a curriculum designed to give all learners the cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

A sound understanding of another person’s culture and language will provide pupils with a foundation on which to build strong and lasting partnerships.

We should know, we’ve been helping our clients to communicate on a global stage since 1989.

Why take an RLI cultural development course?

Accredited cultural trainers with experience in education Cross-Cultural Training Picture: Image of a tick
All trainers CRB checked
30 years’ industry experience
Courses taught and completed in a half-day sessions


What cross-cultural support can we offer?

Our cultural specialists equip schools with the skills and understanding they need to prepare their pupils for life in a multilingual and multicultural society.

Cultural awareness has become a pivotal and compulsory component of a British education, so much so in fact that Ofsted now judges schools on the cultural development of their pupils.

With the help of our expert trainers, your teachers will have the necessary skills, confidence and understanding to instil within their pupils a knowledge of, and tolerance towards, the culture of others.

Want to boost your school’s Ofsted ranking? Interested in discussing the relevance of our cross-cultural training to your schools and teachers? Please fill in our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1792 450970.




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