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Respeaker Training

Accessibility services are in huge demand right now. With a shortage of respeakers there has never been a better time to add respeaking to your client offering.

What is respeaking?

When live captions, sometimes referred to as subtitles, are needed for a conference, webinar, presentation, medical appointment, or other audience-based events respeakers are often behind the scenes interpreting speech-to-text through speech recognition software. Using unique paraphrasing techniques a respeaker is someone who can communicate a message into succinct terminology that software can understand and convert into captions for audiences. This is great for non-native speaking listeners, audience members who are hard of hearing, or when what’s being said needs to be revisited later.

Benefits of adding respeaking to your skillset…

In the digital age your events, meetings and really any live communications should be captioned for the benefit of your audience. And so, the volume of demand for respeaking services has seen a steady growth over the last few years – and we’re talking from experience!

With the volume of work steady, respeakers also enjoy the respective rate they can charge for offering these skilled services. An average market rate for a respeaker to charge is £100 an hour. Often, respeakers have added this service to their existing translator, interpreter, or stenographer skillsets. At RLI, we have found those already in the linguistics industry are able to quickly learn respeaking, bolstering their income.

What is the respeaker training process?

RLI has been training professionals since 1989. Our years of experience reflect the streamlined learning processes we offer on our English respeaker training course.

You’ll be learning online with a qualified, professional respeaking expert, vetted and approved by RLI’s standards. Over 12 weeks you’ll be trained how to listen to audio and transform it into verbal communications that recognition software will formulate into captions.

Once qualified, you will have a new skill to offer existing or new clients. The ability to tap into a niche market that is booming.

Step 1: To begin your respeaking journey, simply complete our short form to register your interest or any questions you have:

Step 2: Your 12-week course commences with expert tutorage and continuous learning support.

Step 3: Qualified and certified, you’ll be added to RLI’s (part of the Wolfestone Group) roster of linguistic talent. Approved to work on respeaking projects from the day you pass the course. Start earning £100 an hour for your services.

Step 4: After completing your first 5 projects we’ll refund 25% of your licence fee!


Contact us to find out more about learning to respeak. Fill in our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 118 934 6000.


Frequently Asked Questions:

RLI’s Respeaker Training is currently offered in UK English. 

However, the skills you’ll learn can easily be translated into other languages you speak. 

The course cost is £999.




You have always been tremendously customer focused, listening to our needs and matching them greatly with the right teachers. You have been a good observer as well and when I was just about to drop German because of my busy schedule, you found a new teacher who could provide a different method, encouragement and keep me going.

Chano Fernandez (Co-President , Workday)