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Post-edited machine translation

When purchasing translation services, as with all services, it is impossible to avoid the “iron triangle” of price, time and quality: lower price means lower quality, shorter delivery time means higher price, etc. However, in recent years in the translation industry, technology is coming to the rescue. Translation software is improving to the extent that

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The borders debate, without the boredom

What would a debate about immigration and borders sound like if you were able to bar all politicians and Daily Mail journalists from participating? Well, maybe in a perfect world it would run along the lines of today’s inaugural episode of The Global Philosopher, BBC Radio 4’s fascinating new panel-based discussion show with a twist.

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Will your job be automated in 20 years?

A new study by Oxford University and Deloitte calculates the probability that any given job category will be rendered obsolete by machines within the next twenty years. From my perspective, that’s a handy time period to be considering – since it will take me (approximately) up to retirement. I followed the link (you can do

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The link between bacon and fonts

What two things save the multilingual programmer’s life? The first is obvious – bacon, of course. Computer geeks have an almost mystical reverence for the stuff. Most of the code you run when you turn on your computer every day was at some point fuelled by bacon during, or just after, an epic late-nighter. In

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How Nistor’s video killed the red star

Some 25 years ago, while still at university, I got my first break in the translation industry from my father’s company, who dubbed foreign TV programmes and films into Welsh and English for broadcast on S4C and the Beeb. Sadly, I don’t get to do much of that sort of work any more (although I’m

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